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Janice Story is a gifted Certified Reiki Master Teacher, who has experienced a tremendous amount of trauma from an early age. As Janice moved through her own healing, she was able to release 45 years of that trauma, and she uncovered the importance of discovering the value of her own pain and suffering. A decision unfolded to utilize her experiences, channeling them into a source of healing for others.


A lack of support, guidance, or a safe haven fueled a desire to be that for other human souls. Through meditation, Reiki Practice, and horses,  along with the tools and knowledge she has gained, Janice learned how to feel, to express, to release and to embrace her own journey. Now it is a gift that she feels honored to provide to her clients and students. Janice’s compassionate and gentle spirit provides safety for others, and she is able to walk with them to help them overcome their own fears and trauma.


Janice also has a strong connection with her horses, and they have always been a big part of her own healing.  She loves to bring them in to work with clients. With the presence and unspoken language of her horses, together they are able to help create an opening for healing and transformation to occur in ways beyond that of human contact alone.

Janice has a beautiful sacred sanctuary in her home for private or group sessions, and classes. She hosts workshops and trainings and loves for people to connect with the essence and healing power of her horses. You can schedule a private session or call to find out more about working with Janice.   

Janice Story

Equine Assisted Coach

Certified Reiki Master/Teacher

Certified Animal Reiki Practitioner

Certified Mind, Body, Spirit Practitioner

Ordained Minister


Photography by Melissa Corter



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