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You were created for a joyous life.
Are you ready to reclaim it?

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Carefree Living: Reclaim Your Worth!
A healing retreat to embrace your inner child, take your power back, and unleash your full potential into the world.

Join Dr. Shawna Eischens, ND, Kate Shipp, Certified Yoga Therapist and Janice Story, Equine Coach for a day of Carefree Living as you are empowered through experiential opportunities to:

  • Release false beliefs of unworthiness that hold you back and cause suffering.

  • Harness your power through acceptance, forgiveness, and play.

  • Understand and implement healthy boundaries.

  • Create peace in your body through self-regulating your nervous system.

  • Shine a brighter, healthier, and more joyous light from within for yourself, your loved ones, and our world.

This transformational day retreat is for women who are ready to break through their limitations and re-create who they were meant to be.

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Dr. Shawna Eischens (Dr. E") is a passionate, licensed naturopathic physician who truly believes that we are ALL worthy of healing. She is honored to help patients overcome even the most debilitating, stubborn, or confusing symptoms by working WITH the body to heal so patients can thrive and succeed in health, love, and life! You can learn more about Dr. Eischens at Https://


Kate Shipp is a certified yoga therapist with the International Association of Yoga Therapy. She specializes in working with clients in mental health and trauma recovery. She integrates many holistic modalities to help her clients remember their wholeness and live a life they love. You can learn more about Kate at

Janice Story brings over 30 years of expert horsemanship into her work as an Equine Assisted Coach. Her compassionate and gentle spirit provides safety for others. Together with her horses they are able to help create an opening for healing and transformation to occur in ways beyond that of human contact alone.

You can learn more about Janice at

This will be an incredible experience that you will not want to miss! We will provide snacks, drinks, and dinner will also be included. This experience could be an AMAZING holiday gift for someone! You can register through the link below.

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