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A Journey of Rebirth, Renewal, and Growth

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Janice & Lanita are going to take you on an incredible journey through the mind, body, and soul during this amazing retreat!

Join us for four days in Scottsdale, Arizona as you reconnect with and rediscover your true self: becoming empowered by gaining confidence, strength and clarity. Release your limiting beliefs so you can harness your authenticity. Plant new seeds of intention so you can manifest and create a strong sense of belonging and the life you truly desire.

  • Connect to your own heart through the horses and nature.

  • Take your power back through acceptance and forgiveness.

  • Set intentions through art and creativity.

  • Create calmness and peace in your body through Yoga, Meditation and Breathwork.

  • Shift and raise your vibration through sound, music, and dance.

  • Find joy through connection and friendship.

  • And sooooo much more....


Janice Story is certified in Equine Assisted Learning/Coaching, A Reiki Master/Teacher, Certified mind, body, spirit practitioner, Yoga Nidra facilitator, meditation coach, certified in The Shipp Method trauma recovery, and an Ordained Minister.

Janice Story brings over 30 years of expert horsemanship into her work as an Equine Assisted Coach. Her compassionate and gentle spirit provides safety for others. Together with her horses they are able to help create an opening for healing and transformation to occur in ways beyond that of human contact alone.

You can learn more about Janice at


Lanita is a certified Advanced Yoga teacher (RYT-300, ERYT200, RPYT, YACEP and Trauma Informed), Certified Trauma Informed Mindfulness Coach, Birth Educator/Labor Doula, Reiki Master and Equine Assisted Coach.

Lanita has a background working with trauma, substance abuse, youth education/crisis, grief and many different therapy modalities. She is passionate about assisting her clients in healing what is blocking them from embodying their fullest potential, so they can live in their birthright to feel safe, joyous, and abundant. 

You can learn more about Lanita at

This will be an incredible experience that you will not want to miss! There will be a huge early bird savings of $447 if you register by February 14th Valentines Day!

with the code "early bird".  What a great present to gift yourself!

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