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You've experienced the unimaginable...
Are you ready to rediscover peace?


Lightening the load with The Red and The Blue
Reclaim Your Inner Peace!
A healing workshop to give you freedom from the heavy loads you carry.

Join Janice Story, and Sandee Martinez as we guide you through experiential exercises to:

  • Experience and connect with the incredible horses at Story Ranch.

  • Help you release the heavy "loads" you've carried throughout your career.

  • Create peace in your mind and body by learning how to self-regulate your nervous system.

  • Help you release what no longer serves you in a safe and non-judgmental environment.

  • Help you manage anxiety and the stressors in your life.

This transformational workshop is for first responders who are ready to break down some of the chaotic and overloaded"boxes" they've been carrying, so they can bring the peace back into their lives and reconnect with themselves and their families .


Sandee Martinez is an Arizona native and has worked for 33 years in law enforcement as a civilian crime scene technician, analyst and grant writer/project manager. Sandee is certified in the Shipp Method of Trauma Recovery, Yoga for Trauma Recovery, I Am Yoga Nidra certified, Somatic Trauma Recovery, as well as a Personal Trainer.

As a breast cancer survivor and someone who has experienced C-PTSD, Sandee continues to personally use all of the tools she has learned to heal layers of trauma and illness. She has experienced a profound shift in life and in her overall state of well-being. What started out as a personal journey became a passion to help others heal. She has spent her whole career working with police officers, fire fighters, and vets - the people who help people. She is beyond grateful to have earned their trust to be able to witness their healing shifts and how it has greatly impacted their lives.

Sandee Personally knows how much your career can create immense stress and pressure on you and your families, and how important the need for self care is. She has a desire to end the stigma that needing support is a weakness, or that it creates internal shame and a fear of of fitness for duty. It is her hope to provide an avenue of relief by using nervous system regulation tools, breath work, exercise and somatic practices, in a safe environment.


Janice Story brings over 30 years of expert horsemanship into her work as an Equine Assisted Coach specializing in PTSD/trauma, sexual trauma and substance abuse/addiction. Janice is also certified in the Shipp Method of Trauma Recovery, A certified mind, body, spirit practitioner, a Reiki Master, Meditation Coach, and Yoga Nidra Facilitator. 

Her compassionate and gentle spirit provides safety for others. Together with her horses they are able to help create an opening for healing and transformation to occur in ways beyond that of human contact alone. Janice experienced a tremendous amount of trauma from an early age, resulting in C-PTSD later in life. As she moved through her own healing, she was able to release 45 years of that trauma, and she uncovered the importance of discovering the value of her own pain and suffering. A decision unfolded to utilize her experiences, channeling them into a source of healing for others.

Having a lack of support, guidance, or a safe haven fueled a desire within her to be that for other human souls. Through her own experiences, the horses, meditation, and all of the tools and knowledge she has gained she has rediscovered herself. Janice feels honored that she is able to walk with others on their own journey of healing, helping them reconnect with themselves so they can truly live the life they desire.

This will be an incredible experience that you will not want to miss! We will provide light snacks and water. This will be a donation based/pay what you can event. We look forward to meeting you!

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