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Treatments and Classes

Equine Coaching Session

It is a tremendous benefit to bring in the horses to interact with us. Since they are living, breathing creatures, they react to our own energy and movement and they can truly sense what we are feeling and thinking. Thus enabling them to reflect back to us and bring forth an awareness of what it is that we need, in order to create change and forward movement. When we work together with the horses I will create a safe space and guide you through an interactive  experience with them.  Some of the activities may include simply petting, grooming, and various ground activities. I will also bring in more complex activities based on individual needs, experiences and questions. The Session may last anywhere from 45 min to 90 min. We will end the session talking about your experiences, and how I may be of support to you if needed.

Reiki Session

Reiki can help you relax, reduce stress, alleviate pain, and promote healing on both a physical and emotional level. Reiki is also a great compliment with traditional medicine, and is being used in some hospitals to help patients recover from heart surgeries, chemo treatments, and many other procedures or medical issues.  Since I have been doing self reiki, my arthritis medications have been cut in half, and I have avoided a knee replacement for 3 years now. The session will last anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour. Afterwards I will talk to you about your experience, and mine during your treatment.  

Animal Reiki Session

Reiki can help reduce stress and anxiety in your pets, help them heal faster from injuries or trauma, and can also help them get over fear. The possibilities for use are endless. The animal sessions are a little different than humans. Animals can be very sensitive to the Reiki energy, especially horses. They know how much they need and where they need it. I will let the animal guide the session, so it may last anywhere from 10 min to an hour. The horses have been a great teacher for me and I have learned to listen to them. I will discuss their session with the owner afterwards to let them know what I felt and how the animal responded.


Reiki Classes

Reiki l  You will learn the history of Reiki. It is a hands on class that can change your life. After this class you can give Reiki to yourself and others, although the main focus will be self-Reiki. It will increase your energy, help you sleep better, and can improve your overall health and well being. You will receive a level 1 certificate upon completion of the class.

Reiki ll  is a continuation and very much hands on, and will strengthen your connection to the Reiki energy. We will focus a little more on learning how to offer Reiki to others. You will learn 3 main Reiki symbols and how to use them, and you will learn how to send distance Reiki. A level ll certificate is given upon completion of this class.

Animal Reiki  You must have taken Reiki level l to attend this class. You will learn how to offer reiki to many different animals. It will strengthen the connection that you have with your own pets. We will spend a lot of hands on time with the horses and dogs here, and depending on the time of year, sometimes cows. I have had some incredible experiences with my own horses as I have been able to watch them heal faster with Reiki.  A certificate is provided at the end of class. 


Color Your Intentions

A fun workshop of creating your own unique Mandala, and setting an intention or goal for something that you would like to create for the year. Maybe it's that new car, new house, new career, new romance, or healthier you! Whatever it is that you would like to manifest during this year.


Photography by Melissa Corter

Meditation, Coaching, Releasing Fear, Healing From Trauma

I will work with you on whatever area you feel that you would like to be supported in.

I can provide you with a very safe and confidential space. I have had some amazing teachers and mentors that have helped me and given me the tools and knowledge to be able to move past the Fear, release the Anger, and be able to Heal. It is an amazing feeling to be able to truly free yourself from the past, which is what I have been able to do over the last 8 yrs.  Having gone through 45 yrs of my own trauma (I've lost 2 babies, been mentally, physically and sexually abused, I've been around the alcoholism, drug abuse, suicide, horrific deaths, and yes, I do understand what it is like to have PTSD... and my list goes on and on)  I really can relate to a lot of whatever you may have gone through.  I feel so very fortunate, and wish to share what I have learned and be able to be of service and support to others so they do not have to feel alone and afraid on their own journeys.


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