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Three Horses

The Freedom Way - Level 1

4-Month Certification Program

A refreshing approach to equine assisted training and certification. Go beyond a structured, in-the-box, one-size fits all approach to serving your client. Open to a world of intuitive leadership, true partnership with  horses, and a fully integrated body-mind-spirit experience for your client. Ideal for seasoned professionals who desire to add to their current practice, as well as those new to the field of coaching, healing and transformation.


Equine Assisted Coaching without Limits!


Our program is designed with these principles in mind:


The client’s needs come first. Our programs are based on meeting the client where they are in the moment. Weaving together the synergy of horse and human, to create a safe space for healing, growth, and transformation.  Rather than scripted agenda’s or predetermined outlines, together the horse and coach take inspired action to support the client.


Horses are valued partners and coaches. The Freedom Way sees the horse as an equal in the coaching arena. Horses sense and know things beyond what humans readily can. Our coaches learn how to harness the horse’s wisdom, insight, and energy, following their lead when appropriate, to guide the client.


Adaptability. Your knowledge, wisdom and gifts are embraced and valued as part of what you provide clients. We help you find “your way” of doing equine assisted coaching, rather than you setting aside who you are and following a strict program structure. Healers, coaches and therapists will learn how to powerfully integrate coaching with horses into their current work and client niche. And, if you’re new to this type of work, we’ll show you how to create a thriving business.


The Freedom Keys. Rather than following a predetermined agenda for your sessions, you’ll learn how to apply the 6 Freedom Keys. These provide all the guidance you’ll need to intuitively guide your client in an equine assisted coaching session. Free of predetermined outlines, your best work will be done using these keys.


Emphasis on equine partners well-being. Ensuring your horse coaches are well physically, mentally and emotionally.


Safety. For the client, the horses and you.


At The Freedom Way™, Equine Assisted Coaching is about fully unlocking the healing and transformation potential people experience when they come heart to heart with a horse.


As a certified Freedom Way Equine Assisted Coach you’ll:

  • Know how to partner with the horse as an equal, not just a tool or a means to an end.

  • Understand how to apply coaching as an inspired and intuitively directed activity, not scripted or calculated.

  • Be encouraged to weave all your wisdom, training, gifts and knowledge into strong combination of support for your client, rather than having to use it as a stand-alone modality.

  • Create a true body, mind, spirit experience where your client experiences immediate shifts.


Who This Program is For . . .

Including but not limited to:​

  • Individuals interested in supporting others through equine assisted activities

  • Individuals certified in other equine therapies 

  • Life Coaches, Spiritual Counselors, Healers 

  • Licensed therapists and counselors

  • Psychologists and Psychotherapists 

Prior horse experience and owning a horse are not necessary for certification.

The Freedom Way ™ Certification Program

This certification program is built on the six Freedom Keys™ - Energy, Intuition, Coaching, Connection, Spirit Guided, and Personal Growth.

You'll engage in and learn:

  • how to partner with and integrate horses into your client sessions.

  • how to read, use and shift the energy in a session to support your client.

  • coaching skills. 

  • intuition skills.

  • basic horsemanship. 

  • how to read & connect with horses (different from training and reading body language).

  • skills to successfully get your Equine Assisted Coaching business up and running.

  • how to customize your offerings.

  • how to work with individuals and groups.

  • how to design equine activities.

This is a one time certification. Continuing education and course electives available to support your business growth and specialization. Advanced level certifications are also available.

Through The Freedom Way™ you’ll take healing and transformation to a whole new level.

Certification Includes:

  • 5-months, 200+ hours of instruction, coaching and self-study

  • Guest Speakers

  • 13 weeks of online classes, recorded

  • 5-day experiential retreat in Cave Creek, AZ (live attendance is mandatory) 

  • Case studies to complete certification

  • Private Facebook Group to for support, discussion between classes, course bonuses, sharing of ideas, and community connection.

Training topics include: 

  • Intuitive development

  • Coaching skills

  • Business Building (for new businesses as well as established businesses adding equine assisted coaching services.) 

  • Meditation  practices

  • Basic horsemanship

  • Basic horse knowledge and care

  • Energetically maintaining a healthy horse

  • Reading and connecting with a horses energy

  • Creating an equal partnership with your horse for coaching

  • How to facilitate a session

  • Building partnerships with horse facilities or private owners if you don’t have your own horse or desire to do off-site courses/clinics.


Course runs from January 25 - May 31, 2023

13 Online Weekly Calls beginning Wednesday, January 25, 2023 Calls will be recorded in the event you are unable to attend or wish to review.

5-Day Retreat (attendance is required) in Cave Creek, AZ  - March 28 - April 2, 2023. March 28th is a welcome dinner.  Retreat is included in the price of the course. Travel and lodging are up to each participant.

1:1 Private Coaching with a member of The Freedom Way coaching team.

Facebook group for community and support.

Four documented case studies to be completed between April 3rd and May 19th, 2023.

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