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Who is Janice?

Meet Janice Story, an Equine Assisted Coach who has found healing and inspiration through her connection with horses. Janice is a Certified Reiki Master/Teacher, Certified Animal Reiki Practitioner, Certified Mind, Body, Spirit Practitioner, and The Shipp Method Christ Centered Trauma Recovery Certified professional. She is also an Author, Public Speaker, Ordained Minister, and Yoga Nidra Facilitator.

Janice's unique approach to healing merges equine-assisted coaching with other facets of her expertise. Her deep affinity with horses has played a crucial role in her personal healing journey, and she now harnesses this bond to guide her clients toward accessing their innate wisdom and healing abilities. 

Utilizing the silent language and calming presence of her horses, Janice creates a safe environment for her clients to experience, articulate, release, and ultimately transform their pain and trauma.

Her gentle, compassionate nature fosters a nurturing and supportive space for clients to delve into their emotions and openly express themselves. The powerful connection she shares with horses enhances her healing practice, as the unspoken communication and presence of these magical companions can facilitate transformative experiences beyond those achievable through human interaction alone.

Janice provides private and group sessions, workshops, and trainings at her serene sacred sanctuary. She is also the co-founder of The Freedom Way Equine Assisted Coaching Certification program, empowering individuals to become certified Equine Assisted Coaches. Additionally, Janice is a valued team member at Soberman's Estate, serving as an Equine and Meditation Coach.

If you're interested in a private session or exploring the healing potential of horses with Janice, she eagerly awaits the opportunity to connect with you.





Meet Our Team

Janice is surrounded by an incredible herd




Cowboy, a distinguished older male horse, embodies the essence of strength and leadership. With his impressive presence and steadfast demeanor, he naturally guides those who engage with him during their experiences. Cowboy excels at helping individuals learn about personal boundaries, offering invaluable support and gentle guidance in the process. When connecting with Cowboy, you can expect to encounter a reliable and wise companion who leaves a lasting impact on your personal journey.



"Unconditional Love"

Bailey, a tender-hearted female horse, emanates affection and warmth in every interaction. She has a unique gift for embodying and imparting unconditional love to all those fortunate enough to work with her. Bailey's gentle nature and unwavering devotion create a nurturing environment where individuals can truly feel valued and cared for. In the presence of Bailey, one can expect a deeply touching experience that fosters self-acceptance and the power of boundless love.

IMG_9477 4.JPG



Dreamer, with his larger-than-life persona, approaches life with the curiosity and enthusiasm of an adventurous pup. His restless nature and spirited antics only add to his endearing character. When connecting with people during experiences, Dreamer offers a joyful reminder to let go of life's solemnity and embrace a sense of playfulness. Through his infectious liveliness, Dreamer inspires laughter and happiness, creating unforgettable moments of lightheartedness and delight.



"Little Miss Dynamite"

Holly, a "firecracker" of a horse joining the family at just five months old, radiates enthusiasm and vitality. Though small in size, she commands the attention typically reserved for larger horses. As Holly engages with people, she shares her warmth and affection while continuing to evolve as a knowledgeable guide. This spirited dynamo skillfully upholds her boundaries and fearlessly asserts herself, making her presence known. When connecting with Holly, one can anticipate an empowering and nurturing experience.




Cat's warm and gentle nature makes her a pleasure to work with during experiences. She intuitively identifies challenges individuals may face in their lives, offering insightful guidance to help them overcome obstacles and move forward. As a dependable and extraordinary horse, Cat demonstrates an innate ability to adapt to different situations with ease, gracefully embracing change. In the presence of Cat, one can expect a supportive and transformative connection.


Ryder Right


Ryder, a spirited young male horse, captivates everyone with his vivacious personality. Yet, when it comes to equine therapy sessions, he exhibits a remarkable sense of calm and composure. His innate ability to balance his energetic nature with the tranquility required for therapeutic work makes him an invaluable partner in fostering healing and growth. With Ryder by your side, you can expect a uniquely transformative experience.


Nic Nac

"Miss Goofy"

Nic Nac, a charming young female horse, endears herself to all with her genuinely sweet disposition. During equine therapy sessions, she exudes a sense of calm, creating a serene and welcoming atmosphere for participants. Her innate curiosity about the world around her, combined with her tranquil demeanor, make Nic Nac an exceptional partner in the therapeutic journey. Engaging with Nic Nac promises a comforting and inquisitive experience, as she gracefully facilitates personal growth and self-discovery.


Rockin Ronnie

Mr. Handsome"

Rockin Ronnie, a remarkable young male horse, never ceases to amaze with his extraordinary qualities. Affectionate by nature, he has a penchant for giving kisses, endearing him to everyone he meets. As an equine therapy partner, Rockin Ronnie's gentle demeanor and innate ability to connect with people create a nurturing and supportive environment. When working alongside Rockin Ronnie, you can expect a heartwarming and memorable therapeutic experience.

IMG_0454 2.heic


"The Princess"

Angel, an enchanting older miniature horse, may be small in stature, but her heart and spirit know no bounds. Despite her petite frame, Angel possesses an abundance of personality and warmth that leaves a lasting impression on everyone she meets. As participants connect with her during their experiences, Angel's gentle nature and affectionate demeanor create an instant bond, ensuring a cherished and unforgettable encounter.

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